Self-Discipline Mastery

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In this short e-book, I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of how you can develop and build your self-discipline.  I go into much more detail in my comprehensive self-discipline manual.  I’ve still got a few copies left, but they’re going fast.  Grab your copy now from before they’re all gone.

To your success

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With all we’ve talked about over the past few days you should now have a good idea about what’s necessary to start building your self-discipline so you can get more things done and lead a better, more focused and more fulfilled life.

So what’s stopping you?

Exercise your self-discipline and start putting your new found skills to use!

Set your goals – both big and small.  Rid your life of distractions so you can stay focused on the task at hand.  Close-down your e-mail client, shut your internet browser, divert all calls to voicemail and turn off your phone when you’re working on a project. Tell people you don’t want to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. Turn the TV off.

Meditate every morning. This allows you to get all those distracting thoughts out of the way, and set your mind to the task at hand.

Get organized. When you know where everything is, you’ll encounter fewer distractions and wasted time looking for stuff. Set up a proper filing system. Set times when you’ll be around on social media, and stick to them.  If people want to chat with you on Facebook, they’ll have to show up when you’re there.

Make sure you get enough restful sleep and take regular breaks and vacations to avoid “burnout”.

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