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By: Vivek Kumar

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There you have it: you now have all the tools and know-how to begin your move towards a stress-free life


Looking to improve your stress levels? Ironically, this can end up being stressful in itself! Knowing you have a problem with stress is, of course, the first step towards getting better but it also means you now know you have a problem… and it means you have a long road stretched out in front of you to ‘recovery’.

If only there were a stress-free way to manage stress… like a checklist for instance!

Do You Have a Stress Addiction?

The first point of order is to consider the possibility that you may have a stress addiction. Unlikely though it may sound, stress addictions are common as we find ourselves unable to pull away from work and other high-intensity activities.

  • If you ‘thrive under pressure’ and if you can never take time off, you may well have a stress addiction.
  • If you feel bored and fidgety when you’re unwinding, you may have a stress addiction
  • If your friends and family complain that they never get to see you, this is a sign of a stress addiction
  • If you feel constantly ‘wired’ then you may have a stress addiction.

The first step to overcoming stress then is to recognize that you may feel it’s difficult to change these habits: but you must in order to gain freedom from stress.

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